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ARCTIC držák na TV Flex L

Pridať do obľúbenýchARCTIC držák na TV Flex L
Druh TV príslušenstva:Držiaky.

Kód produktu496219
Part numberAEMNT00042A
EAN produktu872767008915
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Skladom u dodávateľa, expedicia do 24 hodin
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51.26 €
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61.51 €
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Strážny pes

TV Flex L

  • Fully movable for the perfect view from every perspective

  • Secure hold through lock system, even for the largest TV sets

  • Integrated spirit level for a simple and quick installation

Fully movable for the Perfect View
The TV Flex L brings limitless TV enjoyment in your home.
The full-motion wall mount offers a perfect view at the screen from every perspective.

Space-Saving Attachment on the Wall
You can adjust the distance between the Wall and the Monitor from 43
to 520 mm. Thus, the TV Flex L saves you space and simultaneously
creates an optical highlight in your living room.

Simple and Quick Installation
In almost no time at all, the lightweight holder is mounted on the wall. All you need for installation, is a power drill. An integrated
spirit level ensures an optimal adjustment.

Cable Management
An intelligent cable management cares for a clean sorting of your electronic connections to the TV screen
and prevents annoying cable clutter.

Secure Hold Even for the Largest TV Sets
Thanks to the stable lock-system with secured brackets, the TV Flex L holds your TV, which can weight up to 60 kg, safely on
the wall. With this TV wall mount, screens with a size from 49" to 88" will find their well-deserved place.

Maximum Monitor Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
Screen size: 49" - 88"
Wall Distance: 43 - 520 mm
Product size: 835 x 202 mm (+ 504 x 353 mm)
Tilt: +5/-10°
Swivel: 120°
Product weight: 7.16 kg
Packing size: 862 x 355 x 63 mm
Packing weight: 7.75 kg
Warranty: 2 years
More tech. info:
EAN: 872767008915

Druh TV príslušenstva: Držiaky
Aktuálna cena produktu je61.51€  s dph
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